Its mission is to promote local artists, from the Brome-Missisquoi region, but also from other regions as well.

  • Present works of visual art: painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, or other medium and certain artistic events.
  • To be an important venue for artists from the region by also welcoming artists from elsewhere, thus allowing local residents and tourists to get a taste of cultural creativity and the work of artists from several fields.
  • Contribute to the revitalization of the artistic scene of the town and the region.
Francine Couture, Jacques Lajeunesse, Marie Lavergne, Johanne Ratté, France Breton, Monique DUpras and MArion Turmine

Exhibitions : Season 2024

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The Center will be open from Thursday to Sunday, 9h to 17h, from May 9th. June to September, the Center will be open seven days a week, from 9h to 17h. In October, the Center will be open from Thursday to Sunday, 9h to 17h. 

Le cardinal Syprien, 2024, Watercolor and organic colors, China ink, hay and natural herbs, on handmade St-Armand 300 lbs paper, 22 x 16 po

June 1st to 24


Drôles d’oiseaux

Cédric Loth exhibits a series of watercolors representing birds, some of them are invented, but we recognize familiar species like the cardinal and the heron. He brought them to life through humorous narrations inspired by his experiences as a caricaturist and comic strip author.

Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais II, 2020, Linocut on paper, thread, 200 x 200 cm

June 27 to July 21st



The title of Anne Billy’s exhibition refers to the experience of accompaniment and support where youth and old age meet. The works brought together under the title Je, Jean-Marc, j’étais, allude to the illness of his father, who suffered from Alzheimer’s. They evoke the process of memory, presented in the form of a quilt made up of pages from his last diaries.

Samouraï (detail), 2014, textile

july 25 to august 25


Un parcours textile

The exhibition presents more than forty years of practice by Rosie Godbout who designed clothing as a work that is both sculptural and pictorial based on the movement of the body. She experimented with weaving and felting techniques. The clothes on display are also influenced by clothing symbols specific to different cultures that Rosie Godbout has interpreted in new, original combinations.

Allégresse des profondeurs, 2021, Mixed medium on Arche paper mounted on canvas, 76 x 56 cm

august 29 to september 23


Parcours nomade…et chants d’émerveillements récents

Pierre -Léon Tétreault chose works representing his long artistic career. For more than fifty years the artist has explored different themes, notably psychedelic representations, nature and indigenous culture as well as the fascination of the Orient. It also brings together paintings that were inspired by prolonged contact with the fauna and flora of tropical countries where the artist lived for more than 20 years.

Trajectoires, photographs

september 26 to october 27



The photographic works exhibited by Encadrex come from a private collection and reflect current trends in photography. Each image is accompanied by a commentary from the artist explaining the aesthetic choices made when photographing his work. This collaboration with artists aims to raise public awareness of the aesthetic issues present at the time of artistic creation and thus create a space for remembering creative processes.

Call for submissions : Season 2025

submission deadline : November 1st, 2024

The Frelighsburg Art Center invites visual artists from different mediums to submit their files for exhibition.

5 to 6 exhibitions will be presented at the Art Center between May and October of each year.

We invite you to submit a digital file with the following items:

  • Recent curriculum vitae
  • A summary of your artistic approach
  • Description of your exhibition project
  • About ten photos of significant works, identified
  • Press kit, if there is one



For the plan and rules of the exhibition hall, click here : Frelighsburg’s Art Center Plan.pdf  

Contact the Art Center

2nd floor of Tourist Office

1 Place de l’Hôtel de Ville
Frelighsburg, Québec
J0J 1C0

450-298-5133 extension 30

Frelighsburg’s Tourist Office

Exhibitions : Season 2023



Entrelacs 3, 2023. Inkjet print on Japanese paper, 213 cm x 112 cm.

May 6th to june 4th

Opening ceremony, Saturday May 6th, 14 h to 16 h

Guylaine Chevarie-Lessard et Pierre Villeneuve


Guylaine Chevarie-Lessard has painted on translucent fabric, she has
installed on the banks of the Rivière-aux-Brochets. Her photographs and those of Pierre Villeneuve captured the variations of light and texture. The combination of these photos and these paintings accompanied by a video produces an aesthetic effect immersive nature that visitors will be able to experience.

Carnaval (fragment), 2022. Oil and tempera, 2,03 m x 91,5 cm.

June 8th to july 9th

Opening ceremony, Sunday June 11th, 14 h to 16 h

Marie- Hélène Sirois


Marie-Hélène Sirois designed paintings like fragments of a theater set
evoking a masquerade ball described in a 19th century novel based on a play
music by Schumann. The artist staged nine characters who could have been
actors of this ball. Was life just one long masked ball? Who am I ? Here are the
questions posed to viewers by these works.

Sans titre, 2021. Platinum and palladium print, 29 x 29 cm.

july 13th to august 13th

Opening ceremony, Sunday July 16th, 14 h to 16 h

Guy Tremblay

À la vitesse que poussent les arbres

Guy Tremblay’s photographs represent trees as witnesses to a nature which appears intact to us. A poetic effect emanates from them due to the subtlety of their tone declining a range of gray, black and white which gives the impression that these images are timeless.

Absence, 2022. Oil and charcoal, 30 cm x 23 cm.

august 17th to september 17th

Opening ceremony, Sunday August 20th, 14 h to 16 h

Sanders Pinault

À nu

Sanders Pinault’s charcoal and oil paintings show figures human beings expressing vulnerability. The artist interprets this experience as an attitude of abandonment and openness to others without dissimulation. It is through the gesture of their bodies that these figures reveal this state of presence to the world.

Photograph and stitched naturalized flowers: Tiger lily, cosmos, yarrow, sedum
Inkjet printing on Moab Entrada Tag Natural 300 paper
Dimensions 23 1/2 x 33 3/4 pc

september 21st to october 29th

Opening ceremony, Saturday September 23rd, 14 h to 16 h

Catherine Arsenault

Reminisci ou la mémoire volontaire

The works in this exhibition evoke the Polytechnique event on December 6
1989. They transform the exhibition hall into a place of memory on the violence done to these women. This memory is transmitted by the photographs of bouquets on which Catherine Arsenault sewed flowers picked from her garden, as well as a facility. The presentation of a video in which the artist recounts the stages of her creative project testifies to his intimate and historical reading of the event.

Exhibitions : Season 2022



May 7th to June 5th, 2022

Kylie Sandford, The distance of nature

June 9th to July 3rd, 2022

Camille Lacasse, La récolte des songes

July 7th to 31st, 2022

Sébastien Gaudette, Langage éphémère

August 4th to 28th, 2022

Isabelle Chartrand, En temps et lieux

September 1st to 25th, 2022

Francine Potvin, Voyages immobiles (II)

September 29 to October 30th, 2022

Mance Lanctôt, La parenté

Exhibitions : Season 2021


May 8th to June 6th 2021

150e anniversaire de la Bataille d’Eccles Hill

May 24th 2021

Commémoration de la Bataille d’Eccles Hill

June 10th to July 4th 2021

Makiko Hicher, L’azur m’ayant abandonnée

June 10th to July 4th 2021

Bertrand Ruffieux, Beyond the darkness lies beauty

July 8th to August 1st 2021

Patrick Thomas, La persistance de la mémoire

August 5th to 29th 2021

Lorraine Auger, Tout ce qui m’habite

September 2nd to 26th 2021

Hélène Plourde et Lucie Champoux, Chassés-croisés fantaisistes

October 1st to 31st 2021

Marie Lavergne, Images-paysages