The Trails committee was created following the meetings that took place after the elaboration of the strategic plan of the municipality of Frelighsburg in 2017. The committee brings together people interested in the development of a network of hiking and cross-country skiing trails in the town.

Bob Lussier, Joanne Ouellette, Alexis Richer, Michel Valade, John Roy, Evelyne Bariault, JEAN-PHILIPPE WAAUB

Rules and access to trails


The trail committee has already created the FR1 trail (Frelighsburg Randonnée 1) which begins in the heart of the village and is 14.5 km long.

The trail is easy, with a smooth elevation except in the western part of Chemin du Diable. The trail is open for walking,  cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing only.

The trail is closed during deer hunting season. No-pass signs are installed during this period.

Closing for the 2023 season : November 10th to 27th, 2023

The trail goes through private land, especially in its first part. The landowners signed an agreement with Vitalité Frelighsburg to allow passage. It is therefore very important to stay on the trail and to leave as little trace as possible of our passage. Volunteers maintain and supervise the trail.


The first access to the trail is located on Chemin St-Armand in front of the water treatment plant. The trail first follows the edge of the Pike River, then crosses a beautiful wooded area to reach the Chemin des Bouleaux. The trail follows Chemin des Bouleaux, then Chemin Eccles Hill to join Chemin du Diable. We go up the Chemin du Diable eastbound to the Chemin du Verger Modèle, which then brings us back to the village.

The FR1 trail map is available here :

Map of the FR1 FR2 trails.pdf

FR1 trail geospatial (GPS Avenza)

Contact us or click here for a GPX format option !

It is possible to park at the following locations :

  • Rue de l’église, at designated locations (access #1 et 10)
  • Chemin du Moulin à Scie (access #5)
  • Chemin des Bouleaux (access #6 ou 7)
  • Chemin Eccles Hill ou chemin du Diable (access #8)
  • Chemin du Verger Modèle (access #9)
Access points to FR1 trail – winter view





Repair of the FR1 trail bridge – April 2021

Special thanks to our strong men: Donald Thibault, Michel Valade, Bob Lussier and Claude Doucet, not to mention Mr. Luc Choquette, owner of the Forêt de Freli campsite, who allowed us access to his property during the construction work.